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28 febbraio 2015, 0:08

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Creative Director doesn’t think Naughty Dog is their only competitor

During an interview with Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas, published in the latest issue of March, Creative Director for Rise of the Tomb Rider, Noah Hughes said:

“We don’t believe Nathan Drake is our only competitor and we also look at works of many other studies, although we have greatly respect to Naughty Dog. What we try to offer is a unique experience within adventures.”

Replying to the other questions asked by the journalist, Hughes said that this chapter will be much wider and more “open” than its predecessor, and there are many other news on the game yet to be revealed. Without declaring it explicitly, he also stated that there will be paranormal-mithological “things”.

We just have to wait for the next few months, probably the E3 2015, for more information about Rise of the Tomb Raider.