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15 febbraio 2015, 18:41

Uncharted 4 – Details about sandbox, climbing, framerate and texture from OPM

The latest issue of PlayStation Official Magazine UK revealed some information regarding the long-awaited Naughty Dog’s exclusive, Uncharted 4. The “sandbox” features is confirmed, to the point that Naughty Dog “aims for a level of openness Naughty Dog hasn’t courted since Jak 3“; there will be the opportunity to explore the maps and find small extra information about the plot. The article talk also about one of the new feature, the use of the grappling hook or axe: climbing will not be easy, in fact you run the risk of falling to a minimum imbalance, if Nathan will not attempt to maintain balance while climbing. In reference to the much-talked frame-rate, developers admit that the demo available (for the magazine editors) ran at 30 frames per second, but the ultimate goal is to reach 60 without decreasing gameplay quality, which remains the absolute priority for the team. Finally is reconfirmed texture quality that would have a resolution four-times better than the previous chapter, and there will be differences between the texture of the characters shown in the cut-scenes (that even in this chapter will be shot with the game graphics) and and the textures in-gaming.