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26 giugno 2015, 6:37
Splatoon mobile

Splatoon – La prossima settimana verrà rilasciata la versione 1.3.0 del gioco

Nintendo ha ufficializzato che la prossima settimana, in occasione dello Splatfest, verrà rilasciata la patch di aggiornamento alla versione 1.3.0 di Splatoon. Lo sparatutto in esclusiva per Wii U, infatti, riceverà un grosso update, completamente gratuito, che andrà a sistemare diverse problematiche come l’attesa per il matchmaking e aggiungere tantissime feature in occasione dello Splatfest.

Di seguito, infatti, potete trovare il changelog completo di questo aggiornamento di Splatoon:

Splatfest Amendments

– If it takes too long to find another team, you can fight the same team again.
* Even if playing against the same team, Splatfest Points can still be earned.
* Only the opposing team’s results will be counted at the conclusion of a Splatfest battle.

– If you begin the software before the Splatfest start time, an adjustment will be made where you may be able to begin 5 minutes before the start time (from the start time, you can participate in all areas).
* The purpose of this is to reduce congestion that would occur immediately following the start.

– The number of Super Sea Snail increases when you acquire the “Charisma” and “Eternity” titles when the team that voted loses.

Special Weapon Adjustments

– Inkstrike: When used, the mark that shows the impact zone has been greatly changed.
– Kraken: If attacked in the middle of using this, they will be repelled stronger than before.

Gear Power Adjustments

– Ninja Squid: The speed of the squid dash has been made slower than before.
– Stealth Jump: The time taken to charge has been made longer.
– Ink Resistance: The negative effects of movement and damage that enemy ink has on you when walked on has been reduced.


– Various game content has been fixed to better customer experience.

Fonte: Nintendo Everything